Friday, 9 November 2012

Allama Iqbal Family And Friends Pictures - Rare Photos

Father (Sheikh Noor Muhammad) & Mother (Imam Bibi) Of Allama Iqbal

  Allama Iqbal With His Son (Javid Iqbal) In 1930

                                                               Allama Iqbal In Spain

                                                      Allama Iqbal Wearing Bow Tie

Allama Iqbal Offering Prayer In Kartaba Masjid (Spain)

Allama Iqbal's Wife

Allama Iqbal With Rehmat Ali

Allama Muhammad Iqbal In A Group Photo

Allama Iqbal At A Reception Given By The National League In 1932. (London)

Allama Iqbal. A View Of The Conference In Jerusalem. 

Allama Iqbal Group Photo - 1929 Benglore (R To L) Abu Hamid 'Abd al-Rahim, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Mutawalli Muhammad 'Abd al-Jamil

Allama Muhammad Iqbal - (1931) At The Party During The 2nd Round Table Conference In London

Allama Iqbal In Allahabad (1930). Iqbal Arriving At The Historic Session Of The All India Muslim League In Allahabad. Where He Delivered His Famous Presidential Address Outlining The Plan For An Independent Homeland (Pakistan) For Indian Muslim. Sitting Next To Him In The Car Is Late Haji Abdullah Haroon

Allama Iqbal With Sir Ross Masood & Syed Suleman Nadvi In Afghanistan (1933)

Shamsul Ulema Maulvi Syed Mir Hassan - Teacher & Guider Of Allama Iqbal


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